20-21 Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures: Hello Kahoa Families,

Arrival:  Our day begins at 9:00 am, with the first bell ringing at 8:50 after which the doors open and students enter the school building. The final or late bell will ring at 9:00 am.  We ask that student NOT ARRIVE prior to 8:50 if at all possible as adult supervision will not occur until 8:45.   Students coming for breakfast should come to the front doors no earlier than 8:25. Breakfast begins at 8:30. If your student is late to school please have them enter through the front door and stop in the office before continuing to their classroom.

Dismissal: Our school day ends at 3:38. Students will be dismissed from the same door that they entered at the beginning of the day. Please be sure to complete and return the Before/After School Plan form for your student(s) that will be available at Open House or upon registering your student at Kahoa.

Staff meets in Professional Learning Communities or PLCs on the last Tuesday of each month and students are dismissed from school at 2:18. Students who are still waiting for their families after dismissal will be brought back to the school office. Families should come into the office and sign out their student from the office in these instances.


Arrival and Dismissal Doors by Grade Level:

Kindergarten – by/from individual classroom doors.

Grade One – Door #1 by the front main office

Grade Two – Door #17 on the south side of the building off of Leighton Ave

Grade Three- (Non-portables) Door #10 on the east side of the playground,

Grade Three (Portables)- outside the portable doors.

Grade Four-Door #10 on the east side of the playground

Fifth Grade (Petitt & Fisher) – Door #9 on the northeast corner (playground side)

Fifth Grade (Mickle & Ehrenfried) -Door # 8 and on the northwest corner (backstop/walking track steps)

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedures:

At Kahoa School we believe that all students should have a safe learning environment. This includes following a few safety procedures during arrival and dismissal:

1). During the arrival (8:30-9:00 a.m.) and dismissal (3:00-3:45 p.m.) times of the school day, we ask that parents/guardians not park and leave their cars unattended in the drop-off/pick up lane in front of the school building. It is important to keep the traffic flow moving by adults staying with their vehicles and students only entering/exiting on the passenger side.

2). Please do not double park when dropping off or picking up students in the front drop off lane or any sidewalk cutout areas around the school.

3). Please exit the drop-off /pick up lane by taking a right onto North 76th Street.

4). When approaching the school on Leighton Ave. from the west, please do not cross lanes to pull into the cutout area on the southeast side of the building OR allow your student to exit your vehicle on Leighton Ave. and cross in the middle of the street.

5). The cut-out area on the southeast side of the building is reserved for daycare provider vans and LPS school buses ONLY.

6). Third through fifth-grade families are encouraged to use the long cut out area on Willard Ave to drop off and pick up their students. Students can make their way to and from their designated door by crossing the playground entrance points on Willard Ave.


*** Arrival & Dismissal updates for the 2020-21 School Year (July 22 parent email) 

This year we will be spreading out students at arrival and many grade levels will be entering at different doors than they did last year.  Kindergarten students will enter and exit their individual classroom doors. 

  • Kindergarten families, you will receive further information on these procedures through email and at the Open House/Orientation time on Aug. 10th and 11th. 
  • First Grade students will enter through the front entrance (Door #1)
  • Second Grade students will enter through the door on the south side of the building in front of Leighton Ave (Door #17)
  • Third Grade students in portables will enter through portable doors and line up by light pole. 
  • Third Grade students in the building will enter through the playground doors (Door #10)
  • Fourth Grade students will also enter through the playground doors (Door #10)
  • Fifth Grade students will enter through  Door #9, (Petitt & Fisher), on the northeast corner (playground side) OR (Mickle & Ehrenfried), Door # 8,  on the northwest corner (backstop/walking track steps).

Adult supervision will not begin until 8:45. It is very important that students DO NOT arrive at school before that time unless they are going into the building for breakfast.  We also ask that you communicate this message to child care providers. The first bell will ring at 8:50 at which time students can begin to enter the building. Students that arrive between 8:50 and 9:00 will walk immediately into the building through the door indicated above and walk directly to their classroom. The second bell will ring at 9:00, at which time the school day officially begins and doors will lock. If your student arrives after 9:00 they should enter through the main entrance (Door #1).

All students and adults are to be wearing face coverings when on school grounds and adhering to social distancing guidelines and only students may enter the building. 

On the first day of school, teachers will be outside to greet their students and provide face coverings to those who do not have them. All students will be provided with 2 face coverings (labeled with name and classroom number and in a baggie) once everyone is in the building.  Each day an adult will greet students at the door and ensure students have their face coverings, or provide a disposable mask should they forget to bring one. 

Students will not stop at lockers or coat hooks when entering the building to eliminate a large grouping of students in a small space. Once all students have arrived, and backpacks have been unpacked, classrooms will go to their coat hooks/lockers one classroom at a time. 

At dismissal, classrooms will again go to the locker and coat hook areas one classroom at a time and exit the building with their teacher/classroom. Students are to keep their face coverings on until they have left school grounds. I want to ask that parents please help us reinforce this with your students.  At dismissal, understandably, it will be a natural reaction for students to want to take off their face coverings once they leave the building. However, this is a time of day where students and adults, while outside, could still be in closer contact with one another than would be optimal given our social distancing guidance.  Your assistance with getting this message across is greatly appreciated. 

I am also asking those who will have a middle school student picking up your Kahoa student, to have a conversation with your middle school students about putting their face coverings back on when reaching our school grounds. I love seeing and catching up with our Kahoa graduates at dismissal. I also realize that we are all working with new routines that are not yet automatic, and putting their face coverings back on once at Kahoa will be a new routine for them also. 

Breakfast will again be provided this year and students will be let into the building through Door #1 and escorted to the Multipurpose Room at 8:30.   Students will need to have face coverings on until they have received their breakfast and are seated. At breakfast and at lunch, we will only seat 6 students at each table (staggered seating) versus the 12 students that typically are seated at each table. Once students have finished their breakfast they will put their face coverings back on. 

Our typical drop off and pick up procedures through the front lane of the school will remain the same. Again, we ask that you do not exit your car if you are using the drop-off/pick up lane. The classroom teachers of our K-1st graders will be outside to help them find your car.  When the vehicle in front of you exits the lane, please move forward so that others may enter the lane. We suggest that 3rd-5th grade families make use of the cut out on Willard Ave. before and after school.  A map and further details can be found on the Kahoa website home page towards the bottom of the page under the “Important Information” heading.